Knitted Boombox

Knitted Boombox instructions

This is a rechargable, working boombox. It plays any ipod or iphone, which tucks neatly into the back.
This isn’t really a knitting pattern, as much as a “How I did it” article. If you can take simple measurements and calculate gauge, you can do it too.
1 skein worsted weight black yarn (I used Cascade 220)
1 set US size 6 double pointed needles
yarn needle
embroidery needle Boomboxme2
cardboard scraps
Piece of cushion foam 2.75” x 4.75” x 3”
Exacto knife
Small scraps of felt in gray, white, and 2 shades of red
Embroidery floss in black, gray, and red
2 small pieces of black chiffon fabric 
***Small ipod speaker set…I used the DKNH MD-317, only $7.00 on Amazon, which unfortunately is no longer available. There are lots of ipod speaker options to choose from, and they are constantly changing. You will have to customize the boombox to the speakers you choose.
The first thing I did was cut a piece of cushion foam that would hold the speakers and ipod. In my case, I went with 2.75” x 4.75” x 3”. I then measured and centered where I wanted the speakers to be placed, cut holes with an exacto knife, and inserted the speakers.
I knitted a swatch to calculate my gauge, which was 18 rows and 22 sts over 4” in stockinette st.  I like to knit boxes in the following way: First cast on the width (4.75”…I cast on 28 sts), then knit the depth in stockinette st (I knitted flat for 2.75”).  This is the bottom of the boombox.  At this point I knitted the body in the round. I knitted across the first 28 sts, then cast on enough sts for the sides and back (2.75” + 4.75” + 2.75”…..60 sts) I joined to work in the round, 88 sts. After knitting in stockinette st in the round for 1", I began the lace pattern over the speaker holes:
K4, (yo, k2tog) 3 times, k8, (yo, k2tog) 3 times, k64. Continue in this lace pattern for 1". 
Knit in plain stockinette for 1 inch.
At this point, I bound off stitches to begin the top of the box: K28, BO60. I continued knitting the top flap in stockinette for 3.25". I added the additional 1/2" to overlap and button to the back of the boombox. In the last row, I used 3 yarn-overs to create buttonholes. Velcro tape will also work well in place of buttons
Fold bottom flap down and pin in place to form a box. Seam around edge using ladder stitch. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom and place in botom of boombox to hold the form.
Place the foam with the speakers inside the box. I cut a slit into the foam for the power supply. This will vary depending on your speaker set. I cut a piece of black felt and folded it over the foam to make it easier to slide the ipod into the boombox.
Fold the top flap over and seam halfway shut, leaving a little room at the back to open and slide ipod in.  
Attach buttons to back, button shut.
I knitted a 5.25" piece of icord for the handle and attached it to the sides. Now for the boombox features....this is all customizable.  Cut all button and features out of felt, attaching with strands of embroidery floss.
For the speaker covers, I cut 2 squares slightly bigger than the speaker holes out of gray felt. I then cut out openings slightly smallers. I traced these squares onto pieces of black chiffon and cut. You can finish the edges of chiffon carefully by grazing it with a lighter to prevent fraying.  I then sewed these over the speakers.

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