Sunday, January 22, 2017


It's been a few years since I wrote More Knitwits, my second book. I've decided to reintroduce some of those patterns individually. And as I do so, I hope to roll out new and improved versions of the patterns. We'll call them remastered patterns. (I am married to a musician)

Joe and Cornelius was one of my favorite patterns in that book. Recently, a friend asked if I could knit a shark, and I thought, yes! This is the opportunity to redo this pattern.

If you have ever attempted this pattern from my book, then sadly, you know there are many errors in the published version. I am so sorry. And although it is a bit late, I bring you a new and improved version. The felt has been replaced with knitted mouth and teeth. These are much easier to seam, and the head no longer requires cardboard to hold it's shape. All the changes and corrections to the Shark Pattern can be found on my errata page, here.

If you do not own the book, but wish to knit this very terrifying, albeit cuddly shark, never fear! The pattern is for sale! You can find it on Ravelry or Etsy through the links below. And no need for errata with the new version.  Happy knitting!



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  1. Re: Joe and Cornelius
    Your update has been a big help but has created another question. The errata specifies using “smaller” and “smallest” needles, but only one size (6) was included in the instructions. What to do?