Saturday, April 8, 2017


I adore spring in the mountains. It comes a little later, but after mountain winters, you really feel like you've earned it.

Like many knitters, I have a lot of other hobbies as well. Gardening is a favorite. I don't know that I have a green thumb, but it's at least a greenish shade of yellow. I love seeing my bulbs and perennials popping out of the ground all season. I thought this year it would be fun to knit some garden themed projects that relate to what's growing or blooming in my yard at the time.

During the month of March, my yard is mostly gray and brown, except for a carpet of daffodils on the riverbank. They have naturalized and spread each year. I love that daffodils are unfazed by the spring snowfalls.

 Bordering the yard are stands of forsythia, another favorite. The bird feeder in March becomes completely flocked with goldfinches in their winter colors, the males becoming more and more yellow as the month wears on.

By April, their bright yellow feathers are fully in place. These flashes of yellow are my first indications that spring has arrived.

To celebrate the change, I decided to spend the month of March knitting Gamaldags by Hélène Magnusson. This beautiful Icelandic cardigan was my first adventure in steeking. I'm very excited about how it turned out.

Now what to knit in April?

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