Friday, November 10, 2017

New Studio Space

When Dave and I went under contract on our house, we didn't know about this room in the attic. It was boarded over. So imagine my surprise when I discovered this large room. These pictures pictures show the room before the remodel. 

As you can see, it was a little scary. It featured peeling paint, dangling and flickering single light bulb, a rotten window, and mysteriously, a weight bench in the middle of the room.  But there was also a lot of potential. The room has hardwood floors and decent natural light. Plus it was already wired. So I got to work.
First step, replace the flickering light bulb with a proper light fixture, and replace the old 2 prong outlet with a grounded one. I did this successfully, despite my healthy fear of electricity. Next up, the old window. I had a neighbor's help for this, but it was a great learning experience. 

Then I decided to add some storage. I found and old stack of hardwood flooring in the attic, and used it to finish the outside. Then I built the door you see to the right, and hung it using barn door hardware. 

I refinished the desk, then decided to build some honeycomb shelves to display finished projects.
Needle Storage

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