Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Garden Projects 2019

Hey gang! I hope you're having a productive spring. It's definitely been a busy one here. I've been working hard bringing my dream garden to life. First project on the list this year was building some raised beds inside the garden wall. Last year I did raised rows, but unfortunately, a record breaking rainy year meant my soil and seed was widely dispersed, and the beds were flattened. Plus several fresh springs around our yard make it a bit boggy. So I built a formation of raised beds, with a pea gravel path running between them.

Once they were in place, it was time to work on my favorite, this year's garden trellises. This year I opted for a mountain range.

I added tiers to the middle bed, to give it a little more dimension.

You can see signs of life brewing! Oh my goodness but I do love spring.

Once the garden was built, seeded, and well on it's way, I decided to turn my attention to the rest of the yard. I finally built something I've been longing to build, and arbor at the entrance way to our house.

Stay tuned for updated pictures as things grow and bloom!


  1. Incredible! Love the look. Can you share any details or close up pictures of parameter fencing and mountain trellis?