Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Woodcraft Wednesday: Backyard Gentrification Edition


A year ago, I though to myself, it might be fun to build a birdhouse. So I did a little research, and built one. I loved it! Then I built a couple more as gifts. Then more and more and more. I'm a little more than one year in and I've sold nearly 100 birdhouses, and I still love making them.

I've been really lucky to have many talented woodworking friends, who have donated time, knowledge, and scraps!

All of the nesting boxes are built from a combination of cedar and reclaimed wood. They all have a hatch that opens for easy cleaning. 

My yard is filled with test houses, or houses that came out just a little too wonky to sell. It's been a joy watching them get put to use. Here's a gallery os some of my work. I'll go into detail more in future editions.

I sell them in my Etsy store. Have a look!

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