Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Last 4 Months

Have you ever been so busy, that you forgot you had a blog? That's essentially what happened to me. So let's back up, and we'll get all caught up on what's new.

A neighbor contacted me to let me know that a house in our neighborhood had a brand new "for sale" sign in the yard. Dave and I were not in the market for a house, and weren't at all sure a bank would let us buy one, but we had always loved this little stone house. So 2 days later we went for a look, 2 days after that we went to the bank, and within a week we were under contract. Craziness! Isn't it a dream?

We closed on the house, and moving madness begins. We were sad to leave our beautiful river heaven, and my garden at the old house was in full swing! (see previous post) But we were on to new and better things (1/2 mile down the road). My first project, build a new coop for the chickens. I'm pretty proud of the outcome. Special thanks to my dad and friend Crystal for helping me install the roof.

We live here now. Next step...making it a home. My first big interior project was to build shelves for our large collection of books and vinyl. We had grown tired of walking around what we had begun to call "Box Island". We have a nice double window in the living room, and I thought it looked like a lovely spot for a window seat.

Are you wondering if I'll ever have time to knit again? I was beginning to wonder that too. But I did find time. My daughter requested a knitted cactus for her birthday.

So what's next? Stay tuned to see my new fiber studio!....

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