Wednesday, January 10, 2018

5 Day Bootie Challenge (baby booties that is)

After the holidays, I'm always excited to knit. I usually devote most of November and December to knitting gifts. All that knitting inspires new project ideas, and I can't wait to tackle them. But sometimes having so many ideas can be debilitating. Where to start? Design a new pattern? Work on one of the many art projects I have sketched out? Do a little stash-busting? (Y'all my yarn hoarding problem is serious) Knit something for myself?...something I rarely get to do. 

In the end I decided to jump start the 2018 by challenging myself. I wanted to see if I could complete something small every day for 5 days, with the advantage of doing some stash-busting (to make room for more hoarding of course). So I settled on 5 days of baby booties. Babby booties are so satisfying! They're cute, quick, and there are endless variations. Plus I love shoes. I dug out a pack of mini skeins I purchased from Loopy Ewe a year ago. Beautiful colors, and a gradient of booties really appealed to me. So here's how the week went. 

Day 1:  Baby Moc-a-Soc from Bekah Knits
What a great pattern! This is definitely one of the most creative baby bootie patterns I've seen. Very stylish, and practical with the sock cuff. Pattern called for the booties to be knitted flat, but after the sole, I joined to knit in the round instead. 

 Day 2: Baby Merry-Janes from Bekah Knits
Another great patterns, and possibly the sweetest baby girl booties I've seen. Pattern is similar in style to the Moc-a-Soc. Again, very cleverly written. 

Day 3: Little Eyes from Inma Gijon
This was the only free pattern I knitted. It was also the quickest, even with the cabling. I love the cable pattern on the top of the slipper.

Day 4: Lovebug Booties from Carrie Bostick Hoge
By day 4 I was ready for something a little different, and these were great! They are knit in the round from the top down. I found I preferred this method. It gave the sole a little bit of a curve.

Day 5: Braided Ankle Booties from Me!
By day 5 I had several ideas for my own design. So I took what I had learned and came up with these little ankle boots. There were a few stops and starts so I'm kind of amazed I managed to finish them in a day frankly. They begin with a simple cable braided band. Then stitches are picked up from a slipped stitch edge, and the rest is knitted in the round. I'll be releasing the pattern in a couple of days, as soon as I edit the charts.

What sorts of projects are you starting out your year with? What are your handmade goals for 2018?


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