Saturday, September 17, 2016

Because Flugelhorn

I've been in a knitting rut for a few months now. I could make a lot of excuses. I started a new career last year. I got married in June. My cat ate all my yarn. I accidentally impaled my husband with a knitting needle, and the nightmares won't stop.  But really, I was just in a rut. It happens. Sometimes, when it comes to things creative, you have to push through and find a project that makes you want to drop all other responsibilities in favor of knitting.

For me, that was knitting a flugelhorn. A flugelhorn you say? Yes. A flugelhorn. For those familiar with my work, you may know of my love of knitting objects, especially music instruments. But I've been long planning to knit something in the brass family. After mulling over the possibilities, I landed on the flugelhorn. For starters, it's small enough for a first project in this vein. If it didn't work out, the time lost would be negligible. I also really loved the lines. I think horns lend themselves really well to knitting. I hope to knit more of them. Any requests on which horn to knit next? I'm working my way up to sousaphone.


  1. I'm looking for a pattern for a French horn if you know of any. Do you sell your patterns?

  2. I hope you will create a tuba pattern just as beautiful as your flugelhorn someday.