Sunday, September 18, 2016

Honeymoon Socks

When I first became engaged last summer, I had GRAND notions of the knitting I would incorporate into my wedding. I'm sure a lot of knitting brides do this sort of thing. From shawls to decorations to socks (yes, at one point I unwisely determined I would knit fancy wedding socks to wear with oxfords under my dress), I was going to knit it all! I especially became enamored with the idea of knitting all of my flowers. I thought I would create delicate arrangements of flowers using lace-weight and fingering weight yarn. In practice though, these flowers were tedious, and not at all what I had imagined. I used the few I completed by pinning them into my hair.  What I had left were several skeins of beautiful delicate yarn.  Among those skeins was this Malabrigo sock yarn.

While packing for our honeymoon, I realized I had not adequately planned my knitting projects. Dave and I were headed on a beautiful and epic road trip up the coast of Maine, into New Brunswick, and across to Nova Scotia, where we drove down the entire south shore.
It was magical.  I knew all of that time in the car would mean plenty of time to knit, so at the last second, I grabbed a wad of old magazines of my shelf and a couple of skeins of yarn.

On the plane ride, I browsed old patterns, finely settling on Marlene, a sock pattern from a 2008 issue of Knit 1. I knew my hoarding would pay off one day...

Despite plenty of time to sit and knit while cruising the northern Atlantic in a Mustang convertible (a very smart last minute impulse decision by myself and new husband), I did not make it far into this pattern, which initially required a greater attention span than I had. The landscape was too beautiful to spend staring at my hands. But after a few months of picking them up and down, they are complete! Perfect timing actually, as the weather is just starting to cool, and these are quite cozy.

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