Monday, January 21, 2019

Wood Stove Project

Dave and I decided to gift ourselves a wood stove for Christmas. Exciting right? Well, it was exciting for me. No I have a cozy new place to knit, and we have back-up heat in case of a power outage...a must in the mountains. Best of all, it gave me an excuse to build something new and beautiful.

This beautiful tile was 30% off. I built a slightly raised hearth, and also tiled the wall. Tiling the wall was not easy, as it was most definitely not flat! But a little elbow grease and some thick concrete backer board solved that problem. But I am most excited about the wood storage tower. If you've ever waded out in deep snow over and over to fetch firewood, I'm sure you'll understand why.


  1. Think I will use this design for my narrow-boat.Very inspiring indeed.

  2. Can you share the brand of the wood stove? Thank you.

  3. Can you share which Wood Stove and tile you purchased?

  4. Can you share how you built the hearth?